It cost me a pretty penny, and I probably won't be making an album any time soon, so I just decided to sell it for $1.

If you're interested, use PayPal by clicking the Buy Now button. Send the money through PayPal, and then fill out the contact form on my site to let me know you paid and that this is the email you want your new song sent to. Once I see the money in PayPal, I'll email you the mp3 as soon as possible. May take up to 24 hours, if I'm away from my house on business, but usually you'll get a response within an hour or two.

Here's a little sample ^^

Book 2

Book 1

Polar and Vulpie Saga

  • 0:16

Vulpie has a themesong! Would you like some furryish cyber music to bump to? Something all about hacking? Back in 2013 I collaborated with the legendary Rom Di Prisco to come up with something that suited Vulpie's personality, and it was worth the investment! The track is pretty sweet! You can put this baby on repeat and listen to it all day.

Book 3

By Eric M Deal

The book series is about two animals who want each other

at first sight; first it's lust, then passion, then true love, but their relationship is threatened when Vulpie's computer virus goes rogue. Things spiral further and further out of control, each book expanding upon the artificial intelligence and the world of Sufias and beyond.